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Best Western Plus Tree House in Mount Shasta, California

This last Christmas season, we had occasion to stay at our favorite hotel, the Best Western Plus Tree House in Mount Shasta, California.  We discovered the Best Western Plus Tree House several years ago while on the road heading back north after one of our many trips to Reno, Nevada. Normally we would have stopped in Redding;  but we wanted to get some more miles in before retiring for the night.  So we took the exit to Mount Shasta City and found the Tree House.  We had a great time there and were glad that there was a supermarket and also a Round Table Pizza place within walking distance. Anyway, we have stayed there as often as it is convenient on our trips to Reno and Southern California.  This last time we had a special treat.  A friend of ours had come along on this trip, so we needed some more space ...

Disneyland Park Adventure | Disneyland Theme Parks

  It had been about 30 years since I had been to the Magic Kingdom, when the time had come to return with my own children. I imagine there have been some changes over the years; but all of my "favorite" rides were still there: the Matterhorn, Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain, and last but not least, the Pirates of the Caribbean. The Thunder Mountain Railroad happened to be closed on this particular day; but the others were up and running. Therefore, I was able to introduce my oldest, at 8, to the roller coasters. She loved it and didn't even flinch. We spent about 8 hours at the park, and the staff was helpful and friendly as usual. I was also impressed by the use of CNG fuel in the trams, as this is one of the cleanest combustion fuels. Disneyland is one of those great American icons, and every American child should ...

Make Walmart Your “Snackation” Destination

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Smucker’s. The opinions in this post are 100% my own. Summer is packed with lots of fun things to do and places to go. It is one of the best time to engage in outdoor activities whether it is getting together with friends, going to the beach, road trips, etc. Every year, we make sure to explore and discover new adventures with my family and loved ones. We just returned from our summer SNACKATION beach trip in Forks, Washington. It was the perfect way to end a long, yet fun summer! We have been planning to visit many beautiful places here in Washington state for a long time, and we have been lucky enough to visit Forks, Washington and other beautiful places this year. We can't get enough of these beautiful places and the children wished to visit again soon. As everyone ...

Chef Salad

chef salad

Chef salad with red cabbage, lettuce, carrots, cheddar cheese, black forest ham, roasted turkey breast, boiled eggs, bacon bits and ranch dressing. Yum! .

Make Walmart Your “SNACKATION” Destination

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Smucker’s. The opinions in this post are 100% my own. Summertime is packed with a lot of enjoyable things you can do and places to go! This summer, we've been to different places, food festivals, the beach, the zoo, galleries and museums, and a family road trip to Forks, Washington. In the past, I’ve made the mistake of not having enough snacks on a long day trip to Nevada and it was one of the worst long trip we ever had. I know I need to pack the kinds of snacks that keep everybody happy throughout all of these journeys, so I went to Walmart: Our Favorite #Snackation Destination to pick up some goodies and snacks for an upcoming beach trip and basketball try-outs of our daughter next week. I let my children to choose what we're going to pack and they ...

Stylage and wrinkles

     Wrinkles are a natural byproduct of aging. They start appearing on our face when we reach forties and they are a good sign that a body is no longer able to produce natural substance that keep skin elastic, plump and hydrated. They severely impact our good looks and our confidence. Also, they are a grim reminder that our time on this world is limited and that we need to spend it the best way we can. This is why pharmaceutical companies have developed medical fillers and other similar drugs in order to counter this problem.      Nowadays, cosmetic treatments rank as the most popular medical procedures. Of course, unlike some other interventions that are used to treat specific problem, esthetic treatments can be used by anyone. Among different options that are presented to us, fillers are regarded as a newer solution to wrinkles and folds. The reason ...

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