Comcast Digital Cable And The Filipino Channel (TFC)

Few days ago, Comcast announced that they’re going to discontinue analog channels and will switch to digital tv and the cheapest digital package starts at $56/month. According to Comcast, you don’t have to buy a Digital TV to receive Comcast digital cable. With Comcast Digital Cable you will receive a Digital Cable box that modifies the incoming Digital signal so that it can be viewed with your current TV. With Comcast Digital Cable you will be able to enjoy extended service from your current television, without having to buy a Digital TV.

Next month, Comcast will discontinue analog channels so dear hubby called Comcast this afternoon and the representative will come to set up the digital cable box on April 5th. The Digital cable tv will cost $56 while the Filipino Channel will cost $12.00. So we have to pay $68 per month for digital cable tv and The Filipino Channel or TFC. It may sounds a lot but what can we do? Our daughter Lilly showed an interest in learning Tagalog language so that’s also one of the reason why we decided to subscribe to The Filipino Channel :) I can’t really wait to watch TFC shows :)

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